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Below is an explanation of what will be tested and why, as explained by a member of The Animal Health Trust:

"After discussions with the Ophthalmologists and the AHT's DNA testing facility, I am very pleased to let you know that we can offer to provide DNA testing FREE OF CHARGE to all Podengos whose owners consent for them to:

1) Have their eyes examined at the show by the Ophthalmologists present, and

2) Have their height to the withers measured at the show. The Ophthalmologists will do this too.

The last point is because we are interested in how the gene that causes PLL (a gene called ADAMTS17) affects other parts of the body, and how it might influence height. We know that humans that have mutations in ADAMTS17 are shorter than people without mutations, and we are investigating whether the same is true for dogs. We have been investigating height in other breeds that also have mutations in the same gene, and it would be very useful to have data for a third breed."   


 A message from one of the organisers of the testing.: 

In order to try to organise the day, I will briefly summarise our thoughts on examining the dogs for the day and, if that is ok with you, you can pass the information around (I assume that you have a forum or a Facebook page for people to check on updates?).


- We would like to start examining the dogs as early as possible, so we aim to be there for 09:45-09:50 to assess the venue and set our equipment if that is ok


- We would like to start with dogs that are not shown and are keen to be tested at 10:00 o clock (it should not take more than 15-20 minutes per dog). There will be at least 2 ophthalmologists examining on the day


- We can provide free of charge DNA test and free examination for a total of 100 dogs (I am not sure if you have rough numbers for previous shows and if you expect more / less to be present).  In order to be fair with attendants we though that we should group the dogs and provide 33 tests for dogs that are not shown, 33 tests for males who are shown and 33 tests for females that are shown. We will provide these tests in a “first come-first served” basis and people are allowed to test more than 1 dogs


- The Animal Health Trust will offer a discount for dogs that are not included in the study and the price for the DNA test for Primary Lens Luxation will be £35/test (tests can be purchased on the day)


- We would highly appreciate it if owners could bring a form of identification for their animals (KC registration or certificate) to ensure good record keeping



See our PLL Report for details concerning the genetics behind the inherited eye condition PLL       (Primary Lens Luxation)



 See article on

"NPPA Delegation Revisits Portugal 2018" page 



!!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!

The NPPA has been fortunate in obtaining a large quantity of the English translation of the book written by the world renowned authority on the Portuguese Podengo, Vitor Veiga’s, “The Portuguese Podengo” and we are pleased to be able to offer copies at the ridiculously low price of just £5 per copy plus postage and packing. Please note this is a hard backed, top quality book, not a paperback. 

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Northern Portuguese Podengo Association Breed Club Open Show was held on July 29th  2017

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