The Northern Portuguese Podengo Association


By Sarah Sands

Tony and myself decided to leave my husband Matt and the Podengos (many people know the infamous Caz & Scamp as the infamous Rat dogs of The Greenhouse fame) at our shop and escape for some quality research and as a thank you for Tony being such a valued member of The Greenhouse staff.

When we arrived at 9.30AM, the queue was already building and the excitement was almost palpable.

What to do first?....Shop or cuddle dogs? Which breeds to see? Well, one thing we agreed on …… We HAVE to see the Podengos.

After a quick fly round the shops and grabbing some samples, we headed to the dogs….

Akitas, Afghans, Basenjis, Bassets, Dachshunds, Foxhounds, Labradors…..Yes, all very lovely, but where are the real dogs….Where are the Podengos?? Russian Toy, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Papillons. Seriously, where are they?? Portuguese Water dogs….We’re getting closer…..Ah, at last!! Stand 145 Portuguese Podengos! …And, well, what a fab stand! Loads of great photos, information sheets, friendly people, and the best of best, Wonderful Pods!! 

The stand was getting quite swamped by people, but do the Pods look bothered? No they just soak up the atmosphere and the love and admiration they deserve. They are, after all, the Stars of the Show.

They are a huge hit with both young and old. Many people who came to the stand had not heard of the breed before, but on their first touch, you saw the love was there for ever. I ask you, who can resist a Pod who is on full charm attack?!?

As the stand was getting busier and busier, we decided to allow others to admire the Pods and we went to the main arena and watched some of the Agility Competition. We checked out the Police Dogs, watched the Young Kennel Club handlers. Then we did some quality shopping…..the Pods will love all the samples and goodies.

Wow, before we knew it, it’s 4.30PM. Where has the time gone?!? Just time for one last Pod fix; now, where are they again….? Akitas, Afghans………


(Our grateful thanks to Sarah and Tony for their help in dealing with the myriad questions put to them from other members of the public. They were not part of the official team of representatives of the Podengo, but they were a tremendous help to us…..By the way, you are booked officially to assist at Discover Dogs in London next year!!!…Ed)


Pictures below.  Please click on the individual pictures to enlarge.