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Left to Right -- Best Bitch (Mrs L Aries’ Port Ch Isaura De Solemel), Judge (Sue Dunning), Best Puppy (Mrs A Foscoe’s Stormwitch Eternal Flame), Best of Breed (Miss N Watts and Mrs A Pedder’s Houla’s American Boy, handled by Mrs. Pedder).

Podengo exhibitors were highly honoured to welcome to the ringside the President of the Clube do Podengo Português. (The Portuguese Podengo Club of Portugal), pictured below with Best of Breed winner 





JUDGE: Mrs. Sue Dunning




I felt very honoured to be asked to judge Portuguese Podengos at Crufts 2017.

It was unfortunate to be second in the ring to a breed with an entry of over 100, which was not scheduled to start until 10AM, and then overran by nearly 2 hours.

Overall quality was very good, with some hard decisions to be made. I was delighted with the outstanding quality of the top winners in both smooth and wire coats.

In general heads were good, mouths good and back ends good. Fronts do need improvement. This affects not only how they stand, but, just as importantly, how they move.

Attention needs to be paid to size. Some are too tall. Also, a few wires had been trimmed spoiling their natural look.



Veteran Dog (3) (0)

1st Mrs E A Segui’s Arranbourne Amoroso WW12. Fabulous veteran wearing his years well.A good head of correct proportions. Used his well placed ears to advantage. Wire coat in good condition. Very well muscled, which showed in his excellent flowing movement.

2nd Mrs A M & Mr S A Sampson’s Plushcourt Firecrest At Morialta. Another of very good type. Well balanced all through. Correct wire coat and pleasing expression. Moving well.

3rd Miss A Leach’s  Arranbourne Bandeira For Jamchala. Very correct. Loved his size, his head proportions and alert ears.Profile movement good.


Minor Puppy Dog. (0) (0)


Puppy Dog. (0) (0)


Junior Dog. (2) (0)

1st Mrs G M Cowen’s Belfus Cisco. Wire coated boy with good head and expression. Lovely eyes. Would like a little less height. Good neck and pleasing profile movement. Excellent tail carriage. Slightly erratic front.

2nd Miss J Smith’s Stormwitch Dreams Come True. Loved the head and beautiful dark eye on this boy. Excellent front assembly. He needs to body up and gain confidence. Promising.


Post Graduate  (6) (0)

1st Miss N Watts and Mrs A Pedder’s Houla’s American Boy. Top quality smooth male. Excelled in type, size and balance. Correct front. Well proportioned head on a strong neck, leading to well laid shoulders. Chest good depth, well sprung ribs. Well muscled hindquarters gave him great drive. Owned the ring when going round. BOB.

 2nd Mr & Mrs J Tiranti’s Garthfield Aramis. Very pleasing and well balanced dog. Loved his head. Correct wire coat in lovely condition. Well muscled. Very good front assembly. His movement is accurate. Just needs more confidence.

3rd Mrs S Edge’s Brundledean Dourado. No doubting this is a male. Very masculine head. Front not as good as 1 & 2, but great drive from behind and excellent tail carriage.


Limit Dog. (1) (0)

1st Mr G & Mrs A Pedder’s Caldermist Cascais. Smooth of good type. I liked his size and general outline. Good ear carriage, but not quite the ideal head proportions. Moved out well, light footed. Good tail set.   


Open Dog  (7) (0)

1st Mrs A Lattimer’s Ir/Int Ch Coalacre Georgie Porgie. Excellent wire coated male. Good head and neck. Well laid shoulders and neat straight front legs. Very pleasing body, neither over nor under done. Lovely condition. Strong hindquarters. Moved very well both in profile and fore and aft.  RBD .

2nd Mrs S A Brundle & Mrs M Brooks’ Brundledean Cisco. Masculine head and strong neck. Well proportioned all through. Good coat. Impressive profile movement.

3rd Mrs H Dan’s INT/DK/N/SE/NORD/DE/PL CH Paraiso De Viamonte WWJ15 EUWJ15 [ATC AT01385PRT]. Loved this smooth, mainly white boy. Very alert, using his ears well. Compact body and good hindquarters. Light footed movement.



Good Citizen Dog. (3) (0)

1st Mrs E A Segui’s Arranbourne Faustina. Lots to like about this smooth boy. Wonderful head. Lots of character. Good front and rear assembly. Well proportioned all through. Strong neck. Well muscled, giving exacting movement.

2nd Plushcourt Firecrest At Morialta.





Veteran Bitch. (3) (0)

1st Mr N & Mrs J Folds Plushcourt Moda At Jaflings. This eleven year old wire is carrying her years well. Good head, well set ears and super dark eyes. Lovely sound movement. Lovely condition.

2nd Mr G E & Mrs B Eyles & Mrs B Judge’s  Hema Da Terra De Montoito De Plushcourt (IMP PRT).  Smooth girl of lovely size. Not quite the head of one, but lovely neck and front assembly. Compact body and good proportions.

3rd Mr G & Mrs T Boyles’ IR CH Nashnall Clara At Bleyos. Mainly white wire. Good straight front and pleasing body shape, using her ears well. Good tail carriage.


Minor Puppy Bitch. ()) (0)


Puppy Bitch. (1) (0)

1st Mrs A Foscoe’s Stormwitch Eternal Flame. Stood alone, but a very worthy winner. Lovely size. Good pigment. Wire coat coming on well. Love her expression. Good front assembly and parallel hind legs stepping out well. BP


Junior Bitch. (2) (0)

1st Mrs H Dan’s Tappinskis Dare You Pouca DKJCH DEJCH PLJW16 BDSJSG16 [ATC AT01382SWE] Very feminine girl and full of character. Smooth coated with good depth of chest. Pleasing size. Good head and mobile ears. Slightly up on the leg. Very animated in movement.

2nd Miss M Jomgart’s Jomgarden’s Danza Pequeno SEJV-16 [ATC AT03148SWE]. Lovely head on this wire coated girl. Good neck and straight front. Would like more depth of chest. Strong rear end. Moved well.


Post Graduate Bitch. (6) (0)

1st Mrs P A, Mr J D & Miss J A Bellenie’s Belfus Berengaria. Very pleasing type. Uses her ears well and good expression. Compact and well proportioned body. Correct front assembly and strong hindquarters. A good wire coat and accurate movement completed the picture.

2nd Mr & Mrs J Tiranti’s Garthfield Alora. With more confidence this girl should go far. So much to like. Lovely head. Straightfront. Well balanced all through and moving well.

3rd Mrs E A Segui’s Arranbourne Effiginia. Mainly white wire coated girl. Very correct in head, body and front and rear assembly. Super condition.


Limit Bitch. (4) (1)

1st Miss M Jomgart’s  Jomgarden’s Danza Peqeno. Already seen in Junior, this girl went around the ring superbly to win the class.

2nd Mrs S A Brundle & Mrs Y P Dean’s Brundledean Dancarina. Wire coated. Pleasing in head and lovely mobile ears. Strong neck and good rear end, moving with great drive.

3rd Mrs P A , Mr J D & Miss J A Bellenie’s Belfus Adelina. Very expressive face, using her ears well. Plkeasing in overall size and type. Quality wire coat.


Open Bitch.  (11) (3)

1st Mrs L Aries’ Port Ch Isaura De Solemel [ATC AU00765FRA]. Outstanding winner of a quality class. Smooth coated and top quality from her beautiful head right through to her high set tail. Hard to fault. Strong neck, straight front. Lovely body and strong hindquarters. She moved extremely wel and so accurate. BB.

2nd Mrs S A Brundle & Mrs Y P Dean’s Brundledean Bonnia. Close up to 1. So much to like. Lovely head and neck. Mobile ears. Good eye. Well laid shoulders. Correct body and strong quarters. Moving very well. RBB.

3rd Mr & Mrs J Tiranti’s Readwald Etta KJames Of Garthfield. Another strong contender. Pleasing size. Of good overall type. Lovely expression and quality coat. Not quite as animated on the move.


Good Citizen Bitch. (2) (1)

1st Mr G & Mrs T Boyles’ Ir Ch Nashnall Clara At Bleyos.



Sue Dunning.