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NPPA Open Show Results

Results from the NPPA 6th Open Show held on 30th July 2016.

Judge - Mrs Chris MacLeod (Brachan)

BIS - Eileen Segui & Arranbourne Amoroso
RBIS - Diana Curtis & Stormwitch Carrousel Tulpe
BPIS - Gillian Cowan & Belfus Cisco ...
Best Smooth - Jenny Startup & Plushcourt Gilded

Puppy D - 1st - Belfus Cisco, 2nd Stormwitch Dreams Come True
Junior D - 1st Almanor Forever Milo
Yearling D - 1st Arranbourne Faustino, 2nd Houla's American Boy, 3rd Houla's Made in the USA, 4th Almanor Nike
Post Graduate D - 1st Arranbourne Eduar do at Rioccajen
Limit D - 1st Caldermist Cascais
Open D - 1st Stormwitch Macademia at Rioccajen, 2nd Sovil Do Vale Do Cutileiro at Anjuskar, 3rd NL Ch Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch
Veteran D - 1st Arranbourne Amoroso.
Good Citizen D - Arranbourne Faustino
Best Dog - Arranbourne Amoroso
Reserve Best Dog - Stormwitch Macademia at Rioccajen

Puppy B - No entries
Junior B - 1st Almanor Charlene
Yearling B - 1st Plushcourt Highlights Jaflings
Post Graduate B - 1st Stormwitch Carrousel Tulpe, 2nd Arranbourne Efigenia
Limit B - 1st Perola Van Der Hienderheuvel, 2nd Plushcourt Gilded, 3rd Jevi Do Vale Do Cutileiro, 4th Nashnall Anjo
Open B - 1st NL Ch Arranbourne Delicia at Stormwitch, 2nd Caldermist Carina, 3rd Nashnall Adriana, 4th Vale Do Vale Do Cutileiro Da Arranbourne, 5th Coalacre Gabriela at Bleyos.
Veteran B - 1st Plushcourt Moda at Jaflings, 2nd Plushcourt Sarda at Nashnall, 3rd Ir Ch Nashnall Clara at Bleyos, 4th Plushcourt Limeira at Anjuskar.
Good Citizen B - 1st Plushcourt Gift Wrapped, 2nd Ir Ch Nashnall Clara at Bleyos.
Best Bitch - Stormwitch Carrousel Tulpe
Reserve Best Bitch - Almanor Charlene


N.P.P.A Breed Club Open Show 30/07/2016 at Tollerton.

I very much appreciated the invitation to judge your breed club open show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging super little hounds, in a lovely venue, in good company. There was a lovely atmosphere and the exhibitors sportingly accepted my decisions.

   A big thank you to Graham for stewarding “full time” and to my 2 “part timers”, Susan and Jenny all of whom were very well organised.

Thank you to the committee who all made me very welcome and ensured that I was well looked after. Thank you also for my presents, I enjoyed a glass of wine with a few chocolates in my B and B that evening, before going to “work” at our IWH Society seminar the following day.

Thank you to the kitchen staff who worked hard all day and produced a delicious buffet.

The hall and ring were really nicely decorated, Bright and cheerful. It all looked very impressive and of course it was lovely to be able to judge outside, always much better to assess hounds out on the grass.

There were lots of prizes on offer, the show was well sponsored and some lovely trophies and super replicas to be won. There was a beautiful glass crystal for BIS, in memory of Meriel Hathaway who was a great friend and supporter of the NPPA and is greatly missed.

Another super glass trophy was presented by Norma Watts, in memory of her smooth boy Charlie, who sadly passed away too young. Sorry I interrupted the ladies “having a moment” about him. But how lovely to be remembered in this way.

Having followed Podengos for approximately 10 years in the UK, I can see much greater uniformity of type, not only in wires but also in Smooths, I actually had a class of 4 nice Smooths today.

Temperament has improved enormously, I only had one or two shy hounds.

Heads were good with correct ears.

All hounds shown had good scissor bites, but I was perturbed to see a lot of small and discoloured/ plaque covered pre molars.

Soundness overall has improved, but still some work to be done regarding straight fronts, some were paddling and plaiting coming towards me and some rather flat in pastern and tending to turn feet out.

Coats in both varieties were good, harsh and wiry and in the Smooths short and dense.

Puppy Dog - 2.

1st Cowen’s Belfus Cisco – BPIS. 8 mth typy baby showing very well for a youngster. Well made, balanced ratios and shapely. Super head, dark eye with keen alert expression. Mobile ears which he used well.

Strong neck into well laid shoulder. Straight bone and sound and true in front. Already nicely bodied, Strong hind quarters. Well carried tail. Active sound gait. Harsh wire coat. A very promising puppy.

2nd Smith’s Stormwitch Dreams Come True - What a lovely extrovert puppy with a super temperament who was having a fun day out. Difficult to assess in movement because most of the time he had all 4 feet off the ground at once! But credit to his handler when she got him settled, he gaited well, although at present he’s turning out his forefeet a little, but very sound behind. He is nicely balanced, although a little narrow through at present. Head a little narrow and needs to grow into his ears. Dark pigmentation and lively expression. Reasonable neck into a fair shoulder. Good topline. Muscular quarters, already in hard condition. Tail carriage good. Has potential.

Junior Dog -1

1st Watt’s Almanor Forever Milo - Super type, sturdy, strong well made very promising youngster. Wedge head, with erect mobile ears which he held well. Nicely angulated laid back shoulder into decent forechest. Well bodied and ribbed back. Strong straight bone, but toes in a little in front. Possibly slightly long for balance. Nicely angulated muscular hindquarters which he drove off with power. Positive gait in profile. Carried tail well. Harsh coat but possibly a little heavy coated. Character with an outgoing personality “killed” his mouse!

Yearling Dog - 4 - A good class of Smooths.

1st – Segui’s Arranbourne Faustino - Excellent type, strong powerful looking hound who has presence. He has wonderful proud head and neck carriage and is very stylish. He is muscular in very hard condition and really drove around the ring with reach and drive. Gave the impression that he could hunt all day without flagging. Very keen and alert expression giving a super masculine head. Strongest of necks into an excellent forehand. Strong straight bone, true in front. Depth to body and well ribbed back. Powerful hindquarters. Excellent short dense coat. Unfortunately curls his tail over his back, one fault in relation to this hound's overall quality.

2nd Watts Houla’s American Boy – Another very nice smooth with a short dense coat. Wedge head and using his large ears very well. Good strong neck into good shoulder placement giving forechest. Strong bone. Nicely balanced, level topline with rise over loin and good underline. Strong angulated quarters. Sound fore and aft. Active movement. Well carried tail and in good hard condition.

3rd Watt’s Houla’s Made In The USA - Litter brother to 2nd and much the same comments apply. Lovely type. Strength through, well bodied and balanced. Masculine head with large triangular ears. Excellent forechest but a little loose in front movement, stronger behind, although possibly a little high on the hock. Well muscled and in hard condition. Nicely curved tail. Muscular condition, but carrying a little too much weight. Decided to plonk his bottom on the floor and sit whilst being asked to move, when he got up onto his feet he moved out well!

Post Grad Dog – 2 [1ab]

1st Wedge’s Arranbourne Eduardo at Rioccajen. A wire of nice type, but tends to bunch himself up on the table and roach his topline, once moving he settles into himself and his topline improves although he does have a slight roach. He has a lovely head with a faraway expression in his dark eye. He moved well and is sound going. But a little loose coming. He needs a little more body and conditioning, although has some muscle tone. Carries his tail over his back. Harsh wiry coat. He would portray himself better if more confident.

Limit Dog  - 1

1st Peddar’s Caldermist cascals .This kennel has Podengos of lovely type and all very similar. Wedge head with good expression, his ears may be set a little wide apart. Well laid shoulder width depth of forechest and strong bone. Turns R forefoot out a little. Nicely balanced with angulated quarters showing power and strength going away. Very active movement in profile, really striding out and extending in front. . Tail carriage good. Short dense coat.

Open Dog 4 [1 ab]

1st Wedge’s Stormwitch Macadamia at Rioccajen – Res Best Dog – Lovely wire of excellent type and conformation, very well made and balanced. Had character and presence and showed himself off to advantage. Super ratio of length to height. Excellent head and triangular erect ears. Angulation of shoulder giving depth of forechest, strong straight bone but turns forefeet out slightly. Well bodied and ribbed back. Super quarters and drove well off his hocks and moved well in profile. Harsh wire coat. Good tail carriage.

2nd Dunning’s Sovil Do Cutileiro at Anjuskar – Smooth who is possibly a little tall for balance and maybe a little high on the hock, but has presence with a proud head and crest of neck, he caught my eye, especially when moving around the ring in profile, but on the table a little shy. Looked alert with erect ears and a dark far seeing eye. He had good bone. Well bent strong hind quarters and was sound behind and gaited well in profile. Dense tight coat.

3rd Curtis’ NL CH Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch – A handsome boy with a lovely temperament, but needs more body and condition under his harsh wire coat, although he is balanced and of good type. Wedge head with an expressive dark eye. Well laid shoulder and good bone, turned forefeet out a little. Nicely angulated quarters which he used well. Carried his tail well. Outgoing character.

Veteran Dog 3 [2ab]

1st – Segui’s Arranbourne Amoroso. Best Veteran, Best Dog and BIS. 10 years old and still in absolutely amazing condition, all muscle, which showed in his powerful driving movement around the ring, he didn’t put a foot wrong. He has a fabulous temperament and comes into the ring saying “look at me”, he is such a showman it gives him presence and his tail never stops wagging. Alert, on the go and ready for anything. He is very well made and has excellent ratio of length to height. Super wedge head with great pigmentation and a kind dark eye, uses his ears well. Well laid shoulder and good bone but toeing in slightly in front. Nicely bodied and ribbed back. Strong angulated well muscled quarters and very sound behind. Curves his tail over his back. Excellent wire coat. 

Good Citizen Dog 2 [1ab]

1stSegui’s Arranbourne Faustino. Winner of Yearling Dog.


Puppy Bitch - No entries.

 Junior bitch - 1

1st Watt’s Almanor Charlene. Reserve Best Bitch. Absolutely stunning young bitch, full of quality, very feminine, so balanced and correct for type.  Just a little shy initially, then settled with her handler. Beautiful head with soft expression and large triangular ears that she used well. Decent neck into good lay of shoulder giving forechest. A little loose in front action. Nicely bodied with good topline and sweep to underline. Angulated quarters with low hock and very true behind. Gaited beautifully, positive action and lots of presence. Harsh wire coat. Pushed B.B very hard.

Yearling bitch - 1

1st Fold’s Plushcourt Highlights Jaflings. Wire coated pretty feminine bitch sound and true in movement but not particularly enthusiastic about going around the ring today. Expressive kind eye in an attractive head with mobile ears. Reasonable neck into fair shoulder and nice bone, possibly a little a little long in the leg. Well bodied and nicely conditioned. Good quarters and sound behind. Good wire coat. Tail possibly a little long

Post Grad Bitch 4 [2ab]

 2 quality wire bitches in this class, very similar for excellent type and very much the same comments apply to both. They both had lovely temperaments, outgoing, happy and were really enjoying themselves.

1st Curtis - Stormwitch Carrousel Tulpe. Best Bitch. BOS and Reserve BIS. Balanced with curvacious lines. Beautiful head and alert expression. Lovely ears which she used well. Well laid shoulder with excellent forechest, a touch loose in front. Good bone. Kept topline on the move. Sweep to underline. Supers strong quarters which she really drove off. In hard muscular condition. Excellent wire coat. Looked lovely in profile leading out on her lead proudly, easily and actively.

2nd – Segui’s Arranbourne Efigenia, Above positive comments apply and she was a close 2nd but not as outgoing as 1st initially, but then settled and enjoyed herself. She has a tendency to carry her tail over her back. In the challenge the Junior bitch came into her own to win Res B.B 

Limit Bitch - 4

1st – Curtis and Claessens Perola Van De Hienderheuvel. Very pretty feminine houndy bitch of nice type. Balanced of good shape with nice lines but looks immature at present for a 2 and ½ year old. Pleasing head and expression. Good forehand and quarters, sound fore and aft. Super outgoing temperament, reachy movement in profile, wagging her well carried tail as she went positively around the ring.

  2nd - Startup’s Plushcourt Gilded. Best Smooth. The best smooth of the day, coat short and dense, Also the best dentition of the day, strong, gleaming white powerful teeth. She has presence due to the fantastic strength and power in her neck, carries her head beautifully when moving, which gives the impression of a keen hunter, she is also in astounding hard muscular condition and could definitely do a day's hunting in the field. A little hesitant initially but her handler gave her confidence. She has great depth of forechest but a tad wide in front and tends to paddle. Tight feet. Good bone, nice curvy lines through and well bodied up and ribbed back. Strong muscular hindquarters and true behind.

3rd – Watt’s Jevi Do Vale Do Cutileiro. Pretty feminine bitch of good type with a sweet head and kind dark eye. Well placed erect ears. Balanced with a good underline and quarters. Moved out well in profile and good tail carriage. Nicely conditioned.

Open Bitch 7 and all 7 were present. It was a pleasure to judge this class, some close decisions.

1st – Curtis’ Int / NL CH Arranbourne Delicia at Stormwitch. A beautiful wire of lovely type and full of quality, although not the biggest, so well made and balanced throughout. Pretty, elegant, stylish and very feminine. Exquisite head with the loveliest of expressions. Good shoulder placement giving forechest. Nice bone but turns L forefoot out a little. Nicely muscled quarters which she drove off well. Movement sound and active. Full of character with a lovely temperament.

2nd – Watt’s Caldermist Carina. Harsh wire coated bitch of super workmanlike type who looks as though she could hunt all day. Powerful looking girl. Finer in head, making her ears look a little too large. Excellent forehand with lovely straight bone and tight feet. Balanced proportions. Maintained her topline on the move. Sweep to underline. Strongly muscled hind quarters and really drove around the ring, very sound active bitch.

3rd – Pearson’s Nashnall Adriana. A pretty bitch both feminine and stylish of good type. Lovely harsh coat. Sweet head and expression excellent ear carriage. Nice forechest, turns forefeet out slightly. Nice lines with curves throughout. Angulated hind quarters very sound behind and she moved out well in profile with a well held tail.

Veteran Bitch - 4.

A very nice class of Veteran ladies. Veteran is always a difficult class to judge having to compare comparative youngsters with oldies, so please don’t be disappointed with your placings.

1st – Fold’s Plushcourt Moda at Jaflings. It doesn’t seem possible that this girl is already 10 years old and looking so well, she is amazing for her age and a real credit to her owners, she is still well muscled and in hard condition. Harsh wiry coat. She has a pretty head with lovely dark eye and soft expression with well held ears. Straight bone. Nicely bodied up and clean lines through. Angulated quarters.  Sound coming and going and gaited well in profile. Good tail carriage.

2nd – Pearson’s Plushcourt Sarda at Nashnall. An 11 year old super lady and another bitch in lovely condition and a real credit to her owners. Sweet head with a kind expression. Ears possibly set a little too high and close together.  Nicely balanced with good bone and shape and make, moderate quarters. Moved soundly behind and gaited well in profile.

3rd – Boyle’s Ir CH Nashnall Clara at Bleyos. Almost white well coated wire girl who was thoroughly enjoying herself, her tail wagged continuously, so lovely to see, what a lovely temperament. Only a baby at 7 years old compared to the previous 2 matriarchs. She is of nice type but carrying a little too much weight. She has very active movement driving around the ring, very athletic and enjoying her day out. Typical attractive head with sweet expression. Didn’t use her ears so well. Good lines throughout and balanced. Strong quarters and drove well from behind. Carried her tail well as she wagged it around the ring. Harsh wiry coat.

Good Citizen Bitch - 2

1st – Startup’s Plushcourt Gift Wrapped. Workmanlike typy, lithe and active bitch.  Alert and on the go, looks a hunter. Strong head with excellent large mobile ears. She has the harshest of wiry coats. Excellent muscling and condition which showed in her free driving action. She has a well laid shoulder and depth of chest, but a little loose coming. Well bodied with a topline she kept on the move. Strong behind and true going away and free movement in profile. Good tail carriage.

Brace - 2

2 well matched braces, both looked impressive and gaited out well in profile, Curtis’ just had the edge for type and similarity.

1st Curtis’

2nd Segui’s

Best Smooth was Startup’s Plushcourt Gilded. This bitch had the edge over the other contenders due to her fabulous really hard muscular condition and this showed in her powerful driving movement. She is so typy, has such presence due to her excellent neck and head carriage and the shortest, close, dense coat. I was delighted to award her the new “Charlie” memorial trophy for Best Smooth.

Chris MacLeod -- Judge [Brachan]