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5th January 2019


No classes for Podengos.

AVNSC Judge: Ray Morland

Postal Entries Close: 16th November 2018

On Line Entries Close: 25th November 2018   


17th January 2019


Judge: Mr. G B Carter


9th March 2019


Judge: Mrs Eileen Segui


25th  March 2018

Houndshow (Open) 

Judge: Miss Helen Geeson

Postal Entries Close: 24th Februaury

Online Entries Close: 3rd March


31st March

North Lincs Dog Club (Open)

[In conjunction with the NPPA AGM] 

Judge: Sue Hewitt-Chambers

Postal Entries Close: 6th March

Online Entries Close 13th March 



2nd April

South West Hound (Open)

Judge: Mrs Liz Millward

Postal Entries Close: 5th March

Online Entries Close: 17th March 


14th April

Hound Association of Scotland

Judge: Mr Robert Dunlop

Postal Entries Close: 14th March

Online Entries Close: 21st March


21st April

Humberside Hound association (Open)

Judge: Mr Alan Curry

Postal Entries Close: 21st March

Online Entries Close: 12noon 28th March  


28th April


Judge: Mr Colin Ashmore

Postal Entries Close: 14th March
Online Entries Close: 21st March 

 11th May

Birmingham National
Judge: Mrs Patricia M Wells
Postal Entries Close: 16th March
Online Entries Close: 29th March


 20th May

Scottish K.C.

Judge: Mr M Caple
Postal Entries Close: 27th March


Online Entries Close: 3rd April


28th May


Judge: Mrs. C A MacLeod

Postal Entries Close: 27th April

Online Entries Close: 7th May


1st June

Southern Counties

Judge: Reino Korpela (Finland)

Postal Entries Close: 17th April

Online Entries Close: 24th April  


9th June

Three Counties

Judge: Mrs M S Hounslow

Postal Entries Close: 20th April

Online Entries Close: 30th April


10th June

Hound Club of East Anglia (Open)

Judge: Mr David Evans

Postal Entries Close: 1st May

Online Entries Close: 21st May 


17th June

Border Union

No Podengo Classes

Judge: AVNSC Hound Mrs P Hollings

Postal Entries Close: 1st May

Online Entries Close: 7th May     


23rd June


No classes for Podengos 

AVNSC Judge: Mr K Thornton

Postal Entries Close: 1st May

Online Entries Close: 8th May    


24th June

Eastbourne & Dist CS (Open)  

Judge: Mrs. Tracy Boyles

Postal Entries Close: 29th May

 Online Entries Close: 3rd June    


28th June


Judge: Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost

Postal Entries Close: 16th May

Online Entries Close: 31st May



6th July

East of England

Judge: Mr K S Wilberg

Postal Entries Close: 18th May

Online Entries Close: 28th May   



21st July


Judge: Jess Gruninger

Schedule and Entry Form on Front page 



28th July 


Judge: Miss Rosemary Green (Aus)

Postal Entries Close: 29th June

Online Entries Close: 6th July

4th August

Hound Association

Judge: Zola Rawson

Postal Entries Close: 2nd July

Online Entries Close: 9th July 


5th August


Judge: Mrs P Mottershaw

 Postal Entries Close: 11th June 

Online Entris Close: 21st June  


12th August


Judge: Mrs J Robin-Smith

Postal Entries Close: 4th July

Online Entries Close: 12th July  


17th August

Welsh K.C.

Judge: Mr Age Gjetnes (Norway) 

Postal Entries: 25th June

On Line Entries: 5th July  


25th August

Scottish K.C. (No Breed Classes. AVNSC)

Judge: Mrs. Liz Stannard

Postal Entries: 10th July

On Line Entries: 17th July   


31st August

City of Birmingham

Judge: Mr. T. Johnston

Postal Entries Close: 9th July

Online Entries Close: 23th July  


7th September


Judge: Mr. M. Cocozza

Postal Entries Close: 16th July

Online Entries Close: 25th July    



14th September


Judge: Mrs P Sidgwick

Postal Entries Close: 24th July

Online Entries Close: 7th August  



22nd September
Judge: Mr. G. Luscott

Postal Entries Close: 11th July

Online Entries Close: 13th August  


29th September


Judge: TBA

Postal Entries Close: 18th August

Online Entries Close: 31st August  


6th October

South Wales

Judge: Chris Pascoe

Postal Entries Close: 24th August

Online Entries Close: 3rd September  


26th October

Midland Counties 

Judge: Mr Albert Wight

Postal Entries Close: 10th September

Online Entries Close: 17th September 


10th December


Judge: Mrs Sylvia Simm

Postal Entries Close: 22nd October

Online Entries close: 29th October